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What Happens When Love is aspiring to cover the entrance? And nếu an eternal love or not in fact there là khi no Fewer young people at a dead end of the cycle, "love - hate".

That is cũng the famous Norwegian playwright concern rằng Yeon Sook wants to print each character has to find lasting love khi có own answers with the choice of life faced Decisions.
Lasting love - making films fidgety Ever Korean film fans khi the broadcast in Korea, now being aired in Vietnam on D-Dramas channels, every day 21g00 time, from 09 / 07/2015.
Synopsis: [url=]asian drama online[/url],
Growing up in the sheltered by his family and Gap Aunt Soo, Seo In Ae outwardly vivacious, strong, but in the depths of the Overwhelming loneliness, torment khi không thể mother find out who murdered his in the past.
Grew up together as Ae printed and Kwang Kwang Chul Hoon brothers - two sons HIS Soo Gap. Kwang Hoon was the heroic, calm, by way of advancement quyết of education, considering he has always Been the pride of the whole family.
Meanwhile, the brother Kwang Chul thorny, unruly, a little careless, but inside is a Righteous heart, kindness. Whether loved Print Ae, but never once confessed Kwang Chul, he Knew vì bị dragon has given the her heart full brother Kwang Hoon
Tuy nhiên, nobody Knew doubt the word, the life of all three suddenly turn as soon Into the other direction as the father of Kwang Kwang Chul Hoon and suddenly murdered.
His death Gap Soo Ae Print Makes life every day deeper in hatred. Because of this, She Had to undergo many humiliations, many times even level là Collective rape and beatings pushed with brutal torture Into Prison.
Meanwhile, in exchange for the status - Kwang Hoon metallic money Becomes changed. He is ready to give true love of his life, despite all the tricks, using the daughter of the Minister as "pedal" advancement.
Kwang Chul am also, in a Research In Ae escaped death once, he Had Had an accident and wandered far distant Japan. Bloody tears of Kwang Chul life and surroundings associated with memory alien Dates Print Ae skin chains away. And so, the cycle of love - ambitious - hatred has taken the tragic fate swept Into the war no escape ...
Special Characteristics of film: [url=]asian drama online[/url],
Set in the 80s, reproduce lasting love multicolor vivid picture of the lives of many Koreans walks through stormy fate of the 3 main characters Ae Seo, Kwang Kwang Chul Hoon and.
Lasting love, but still not too new content to look forward enough for viewers to. How to integrate with the tragic love story of Political Intrigue is covered by the Veil of Secrecy, with spectacular action scenes made the film circuit flow ceaselessly fascinated.
Combining subtle emotional factor - the Investigation - action throughout the film to refresh the genre psychology - emotions are inherently quite mushy, enough to help bring lasting love khác points, satisfying audience tastes.
Alternating the flow of fate, with Ambitions Typically Kwang Hoon, hatred or love in Print Ae Kwang Chul son's safety, lasting love, Brings viewers the lesson as a lot of sense: "hatred and ambition not bring happiness to anyone, otherwise it can People to lose both Show-cause yourself and the love is there. "
Included in the list of blockbusters of the Korean small screen in 2014, lasting love is by Na Yeon Sook writer Penning talent - who make up the "village culture wave" across Asia South Asian cult works east of Eden.
And reality shows, the success of lasting love does not stop at high viewership to the same time slot sánh broadcast film, mà cũng nhận by the Prestigious film award, with second special prize - outstanding lead actress of drama training and young star Hwang Jung -eum in Korean TV Awards 2014.
Besides the unique scenario, appealing to many unexpected Developments, the film resonates cũng by the appearance of the "Queen's Ball movie" Hwang Jung Eum. From the looks strong, expressive personality to a mentality of a wounded soul, hidden in a cold look of the character portrayed by Hwang Jung-eum to the ends of emotions.
Again, She Makes viewers cry - laugh by taking a multi-dimensional way and true to the extreme khi Unfortunate girl plays In Ae. We can say, this moment of purchase until Print Ae is acting "most compassionate" that Hwang Jung-eum undertaken khi HIS acting career.
Not only the viewers by the tragic fate of the heroine, the "war on you" of the male duo Ryu Soo Young and Jung Kyung Ho resist the lure viewers am also create with more stunts attraction, dramatic.
While he "Sons Farmers" Ryu Soo Young audiences are "not very Cool" by the character he played the coward, affair - Kwang Hoon, just as ambitious status, money có waiver merchants, end of the first accepted the before the enemy.
In contrast, men's cosmetics City Jung Kyung Ho sin again captured the sentiment of many female fans with gritty images, regardless of need, rebellious but extremely affectionate and faithful in Kwang Chul character.



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